Life is too short for boring clothes! FoGlo was born to create witty clothes for foxes who dare to be rare. Sustainability goes hand in hand, paw in paw & tail to tail with the unique; so Klaudia looks for exciting end-of-roll materials to turn what might otherwise have been discarded into very limited edition clothes. Mostly a run of just one or two dresses for each material. Everything is made by Klaudia in her Notting Hill studio or by a family company in her home town in Poland by seamstresses who are paid fairly & enjoy what they do. Our clothes are made to last & to leave a lasting impression. For style foxes, not fashion sheep!

Dog-loving, fabric-fetishist, party animal Klaudia Trz dreams designs, spends her days in the fabric shops of Berwick Street and her nights on the dance floor at London’s underground music parties, wearing her creations; her mornings hot-footing it around her stomping ground Notting Hill with Czesław, her trusty caramel terrier. Always ready with her tape measure, Klaudia is up for any sartorial challenge!